You can now connect your Outreach data to Forwrd

You can now connect your Outreach data to Forwrd

Advancing users through a funnel is a huge challenge.

Customers hardly ever move in a straight line when making a purchase.

In fact, the way they buy is almost anything but a straight line!

Gartner's Brent Adamson believes that GTM leaders should stop asking questions like ‘what can reps do to progress leads effectively through the funnel?’ and ‘how do I impact funnel progression when I can’t guide reps in person?’

Instead, they should think about this challenge from the buying perspective, because as hard as it’s become to sell – it’s become even more difficult to buy.


The biggest challenge of selling and marketing today is not selling or marketing. It’s actually our customers’ struggle to buy. And so, the place we've got to start is not with our sellers, but it's with trying to understand what's hard about buying.


OK, but how can we help buyers buy in this world? We help them buy through delivering the information they need to complete their jobs more effectively, more efficiently, and more confidently.

Gartner found that orgs that align around delivering users the information they need to complete their jobs are 3X more likely to win high value, low regret sales.

3X! At Forwrd, we put your GTM organization in a position to be much more aligned with how buying actually happens.

We help you detect the marketing, selling, and CS activities with the highest impact on the buying process, so your team can deliver the most relevant content to the right users and significantly improve your chances of winning your next high-value deal.

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