How to Leverage Automation & AI to get Better ROI from Data

How to Leverage Automation & AI to get Better ROI from Data

In today's business climate, speed to market is crucial for success.

And when it comes to your data, leveraging automation and AI can dramatically accelerate the pace of iteration.

This is made possible by allowing non-technical GTM leaders surface critical insights, without relying on data engineers and technical teams.

In this blog post, we'll explore how these technologies can be used to streamline data-driven processes and provide organizations with better ROI on the data they already collect.

Data Preparation

In the past, data preparation was a time-consuming and manual process. This often involved formatting data sets by hand so that they could be used for analysis.

However, with automation and machine learning, this process can now be completed quickly and with minimal effort.

Several platforms allow you to cleanse, transform, and enrich your data sets automatically, freeing up time so you can carry out initiatives faster – without depending on anyone.

AI Modeling

Once your data is prepared, it can be used for artificial intelligence (AI) modeling.

And now, a number of platforms offer automated AI modeling capabilities to make it easier for non-technical GTM leaders to build models optimized to predict revenue-focused outcomes with speed and accuracy.

This allows business leaders to quickly deploy AI-powered models without help from data teams, saving a fortune in resources typically required to build models from scratch.

Insights Deployment

Once models are trained and ready to go, it's time to deploy them so that they can start generating insights for front-line go-to-market teams.

This used to be a difficult and error-prone process, but with automation and machine learning, it can now be done quickly and easily.

With a few clicks, you can deploy your models, surface insights, and pushed them and directly into tools your go-to-market teams use daily (e.g., Salesforce, Hubspot).


Automation and machine learning are changing the way business is done.

By streamlining data-related processes, these technologies are helping businesses operate faster, and more efficiently, to get significantly better ROI from the data they already collect.

If you're not already leveraging automation and AI to streamline cumbersome data processes in your business, now might be the perfect time to get started!

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