emerges from stealth with $3.5M seed led by Angular Ventures emerges from stealth with $3.5M seed led by Angular Ventures

As published on VentureBeat, is officially out of stealth ✨

We’re on a mission to help frontline employees (i.e., marketing, sales, success reps) to make data-led decisions in minutes, not weeks.


Frontline employees are expected to make responsible decisions daily, but the data they need is not always accessible to them. They’re often forced to go through analysts, integration devs, and reluctant gatekeepers, just to figure out what their risks and opportunities are, and how to act on them.


Forwrd is a no-code, self-service solution that lets non-technical managers detect pipeline risks & opportunities and predict the next optimal action.Based on historical data, Forwrd generates clear recommendations and pushes them to business apps employees already use (e.g., Salesforce, Google Chrome) to accelerate marketing, sales, and success efforts.


Life’s too short to be frustrated and discouraged at work. Join an early-stage startup where you will craft innovative products, with people you will call friends – and where your upside potential can be life-changing.

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